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Based in fundamentals of harp technique



I have had a private studio for students and have been Harp professor at Trinity University since 2006. I use the Salzedo harp technique as part of my teaching method. I am Director of the Sunday Harp Circle Ensemble, President of the American Harp Society San Antonio Chapter and a member of The International Folk Harpers Society. I attended the University of Houston to study with Beatrice Rose for four years perfecting my technique in performance and orchestra. Additionally, I am a former orchestra personnel manager of the San Antonio Symphony.


  • Forty-nine years of harp study
  • Forty-one years of orchestral and freelance experience
  • Thirty-seven years of private studio teaching
  • Ten years of piano
  • Director, Sunday Harp Ensemble
  • Adjunct Harp Professor at Trinity University
  • Performed for Mrs. Barbara Bush in April 2004
  • Member – International Folk Harpers & Craftsmen Society
  • Member – Tuesday Musical Club
  • Music Ministry in various churches in San Antonio

An assessment is determined from the beginning

Teaching Philosophy

instruction of students is based in fundamentals of harp technique.

I present a solid hand position, basics of music theory, effective practice techniques, musicianship, solo/ensemble repertoire development and maintenance of instrument repair.

My teaching mission is to provide a sense of accomplishment to beginning students by using varied melodies that sound complex while actually being beginning level repertoire. It is a goal to bring each student enrichment of the harp experience and to share a passion for music and the harp.

Ensemble Playing

I emphasize the importance of private instruction, but also promote the value of the ensemble experience for musical development, support and camaraderie. This is particularly important for the harp student where practicing is a solo experience, as is the case for those who do not have access to a high school or community orchestra.

In ensemble class, students can share their progress by performing before each other on a monthly basis and have fun performing together during ensemble.

The ensemble experience will provide a rich opportunity to the child, teen, adult, and the hobbyist student.


Lessons are suggested on a weekly basis for 30 minutes. Cost is $25.00 per half hour. Payment is preferred on a monthly basis.